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Success in business isn’t about how great your product is. It’s about who knows about your product and how you can add value to other people’s lives.

Most of us get our start by networking and making connections. Whether it be at a local Chambers of Commerce, industry associations or connecting with peers and potential clients at conferences & seminars, networking is a critical piece to the success of our businesses.

If you’re new in business, networking can be a bit scary. Think about it, we’re taught from the time we can walk not to talk to strangers, right? Yet, networking is talking to strangers and is one of the most powerful ways to get your products/services out there, meet the connections you need to help you grow and make friends that will help support you when you need it most.

With the right network of people you can generate unlimited referrals, find top notch vendors, and find clients that will be raving fans for years.

This book is written to give you action steps that you can take immediately to get the most out of any networking you do. From business mixers to leads groups to seminars to even standing in line at the local coffee shop, you’ll gain the skills to create connections and become the most known person in the room.

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