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Marketing Tidbits

“But isn’t marketing hard and expensive?”

It’s a question that’s all too common. The common myth for most budding entrepreneurs is that marketing is about having big budgets and billboards.

The truth is, marketing is in everything we do. Everything from convincing prospects our products are the best choice to getting our kids to eat their veggies.

It’s all marketing and it’s in everything we do in our daily lives.

For those of us who are in business, marketing can seem overwhelming and distracting.

If you’re in business and are running in a thousand directions to get things rolling, this book is just for you. Every marketing tidbit in this book is designed to keep it simple and show you that marketing is in everything we do. It’s not an event, it’s a way of life and we’re all doing it anyway. Let’s do it the right way and keep things simple.

Read this book one chapter at a time and take action immediately. Marketing Tidbits are small chucks of marketing wisdom you can implement without much effort and without spending even $1 more on your current marketing.