Ely DelaneyEly Delaney is the co-founder of Your Marketing University and the host of the Driving Your Marketing podcast. Almost two decades ago he discovered that while his clients loved him, he was going to need more than 2 of them to pay the bills. After a trip to the book store to pick up a book on how to market that company, a lifelong obsession with marketing education was born.

His collection of books, conference notes and training videos on marketing would rival any University library in the country and he is always looking for more to learn. Ely is passionate about helping people bring their dreams of business success to life and spends every waking moment focused on that goal. He believes all entrepreneurs have greatness inside of them, they just need the right marketing to let the world know.

Today, having trained hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals all around the globe, Ely has been a speaker and trainer for groups such as S.C.O.R.E., David Fagan’s Icon Builder Bootcamp, National Association Of Women Business Owners, Arizona Small Business Association, Chambers of Commerce, American Business Women’s Conference, Mt. Hood Community College, Glendale Community College and many more. He is determined to help entrepreneurs take control of their marketing by removing their fear and showing them the step by step way to make it happen.

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